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't be accused of being vengeance, and that's a great challenge. >> now we have talked to some of the defense attorneys and they've told us it's a show trial. it's a charade. >> well, i don't think a test of any system is what the defense counsel say about it. >> reporter: but as hard as he tries to show it as a fair trial he keeps running into one obstacle after the next starting with the reputation of the venue itself guantanamo bay, where 114 detainees sit in these cells, most for 12 years. one of them cried out when he saw our cameras. >> please, we are tired. you leave us to die in this? tell the world the truth. let the world hear what's happening. >> 12 years. with no charges. >> that's one of the reasons i have a sense of urgency to try everybody that we can try. >> does it in any way taint what you're doing? >> i wouldn't characterize it as taint. i believe it influences people's perceptions. >> lesley staal joins us. this is remarkable. so what defense will they raise? >> well, we're in pretrial hearings at the moment and they've been going on and on and will go f
talked to some of the defense attorneys and they've told us it's a show trial. it's a charade. >> well, i don't think a test of any system is what the defense counsel say about it. >> reporter: but as hard as he tries to show it as a fair trial he keeps running into one obstacle after the next starting with the reputation of the venue itself, guantanamo bay, where 114 detainees sit in these cells, most for 12 years. one of them cried out when he saw our cameras. >> please, we are tired. you leave us to die in this? tell the world the truth. let the world hear what's happening. >> 12 years. with no charges. >> that's one of the reasons i have a sense of urgency to try everybody that we can try. >> does it in any way taint what you're doing? >> i wouldn't characterize it as taint. i believe it influences people's perceptions. >> lesley staal joins us. this is remarkable. so what defense will they raise? >> well, we're in pretrial hearings at the moment and they've been going on and on and will go for at least another year and at the moment the big issue is torture because all of the five de
and tennessee postponed trick or treating. >>> new this morning, defense secretary chuck hagel is speaking publicly about something he says causes division. nine 125i9s are refusing to issue military i.d. cards to same sex spouses of service members. that goes against pentagon policy. secretary hagel says he's taking action to remedy the situation. >> everyone who serves our country in uniform, everyone in this country, should receive all the benefits they deserve and they have earned. and in accordance with the law. everyone's rights must be protected. >> a senior defense official tells nbc news there are 114 national guard sites not complying with the policy. >>> the skies might be friendlier soon after a decision from the faa. airline passengers will now be allowed to use smart phones, tablets and ereaders on board that includes takeoff and landing as long as everything is in airplane mode. but you still can't make calls or send text messages. many are clamoring to be the first. >>> the new york police department's controversial stop and frisk policy is back in the news. a federal paerl
vengeance. that's a great challenge. >> we have talked to some of the defense attorneys and they have told us it's a charade. >> i don't think any system what the counsel says about it. har har hard as he tries to see that it's a fair trial, he keeps running into one obstacle after the next. starting with the reputation of guantanamo where 164 detainees sit in the cells, most for nearly 12 years. except for the 9/11 five, most have not been charmed. cried out when he saw our cameras. >> you leave us to die? let the world hear what's happening! >> 12 years. no charges. >> that's one of the reasons i have a sense of urgency to try everyone we can try. >> does this taint what you are doing? >> i don't believe it taints but influences perceptions. >> joining us this is remarkable. what defense will they raise? >> we are in pretrial hearings at the moment and they have been going on and on and will go for another year. at the moment the big issue is torture. all of the five defendants this is the 50 trial from 9/11. all of the defendants were taken to these black sites and subm
. and the defense grilled her. tough cross-examine. aditi roy. >> reporter: alexis somer faced a barrage of questions from his lawyer. >> your account in september of 2008 is different than 2011. >> reporter: he grilled her for an hour and a half, pointing out discrepancies between her statements. >> your descriptions change overtime. >> i wouldn't necessarily say that. i think in one instance, i was saying she took it off in the bathroom. i was making generalizations there. >> reporter: prosecutors say macneill killed his wife by overmedicating her with painkillers. but macneill says he is innocent. >> your mom was happy. she was feeling a little sick. that's what you said, right? >> i don't remember her saying she was feeling a little sick. i remember her being up and getting ready for the day. >> you remembered it on the day of her funeral, right? >> i don't remember her feeling bad at all. she was feeling great. >> reporter: the defense maintains michele macneill died of a heart disorder, which is what the original examiner concluded. but the chief medical examiner amended the cause
does the defense get past that? >> this is devastating for the defense. obviously, if your own kids think you murdered their mother, the jurors are going to think, that's pretty compelling. he's their father. they should love him and be loyal to him. so i think that really is a big blow to the defense, but i'm not sure that he still gets convicted because you have to prove guilt beyond a reasonableble doubt and how did the death happen. >> how did the death happen, and the witnesses, jean has been reporting on this, there are questions, one of his daughter as former drug addict, another bipolar and his other mistress with a disorder. if you can't trust the messenger, how do you get past that? >> they have baggage. all of these witnesses have h major problems, so if you're looking for reasonable doubt, you may find that. and how did he do it? when the medical examiner did the autopsy she said she died of natural causes. >> the mistress said he explained in pillow talk how he can do that. >> hwhat is his method? does the prosecutor know? will the prosecutor call a head kill expert to
equality, despite repealing don't ask, don't tell. despite overturning the so-called defense of marriage act. despite all these gains, there are still 29 states where there are no laws, no legal bowl work whatsoever to protect lesbian, gay and bisexual from being fired simply for who they are. and is the same goes for transgender people in 33 states. but today there are signs of progress in wash. senate majority leader harry reid has set a vote for monday on legislation that would protect the lgbt community from workplace discrimination. to talk about it, joining us now is representative mark pocan, democrat of wisconsin, and chris geitner, legal editor at the bill in the senate is called the employment and nondiscrimination act and bars companies with more than 15 employees from discriminating against workers on the basis of their sexuality or sexual orientati orientation. and joe manchin of west virginia was the last holdout among the democrats. he's now on board. two republicans, collins of maine and kirk of illinois, are also on board. and then there is hope that three
today. good public servants, people well-trained and were in the line of defense. i think everything really worked as well as it could have worked at lax today where law enforcement people stepped in and saved a lot of lives, did what they were trained to do, whether it was the tsa, whether it was the police. the system worked pretty well, piers. and i think we should all take a great deal of comfort in knowing that the system that was put in place after 9/11, the system that has kept a lot of americans safe on aircraft worked well today. >> i totally endorse what you're saying. there are calls from certain sections that the only answer to an incident like this is for the tsa to be armed themselves. what was your reaction be to that? >> well, piers, let -- let me just say that's a silly idea. it's a dumb idea. it would not work. what happened today was the law enforcement people add lax, the lax police, the people that are trained at the airport to intervene did that and they saved a lot of lives. the tsa people did what they were supposed to do, which made sure that people were take
. responsibility. what's your policy? mplgt hard to imagine anybody bullying a big defensive lineman in the nfl. the miami dolphins has suspended fellow lineman richie incognito for what management calls conduct detrimental to the team. he denies bullying jonathan martin. it puts pro football in an entirely different light. mike freeman is joining us, the nfl lead writer for "the bleacher report." mike, very often it's, it's something about money and it's called the rookie tax. a lot of folks, including nfl fans don't really know what we're talking about. what is going on here? >> well, basically it's really simple thing, where a good example is, a team like in chicago, their players, first-year rookie guys will come into the league and they'll buy dinner for the other players, they'll pay for dinner. or they'll make sure the doughnuts are all there for the players, they'll pay for that. it's usually very, very small things and very simple things. it's not bullying. players don't feel intimidated. it's a really simple thing. but then what the miami dolphins did, wolf, they some of those players
of ed, but the defense argued it -- evidence, but the defense argued it was coerced. >>> the verdict is guilty in the case of a gaithersburg man accused of having sex with a minor to pay off a debt. his name is vaharney revis and he was found guilty of human trafficking and other charges. nobody really knows where he is. prosecutors say in exchange for sex with the girl he forgave the money owed to him by the girl's mom. the mother of that victim was also convicted on 10 counts including sex abuse of a commune. >>> commit a violent crime? don't expect the police to ever forget about it. -- abuse of a minor. >>> commit a violent crime? don't expect the police to ever forget about it. this man was part of a group who stabbed two people back in december of 2012. the victims did survive, but if you recognize that face, the police would love to hear from you. >>> wusa9 was the first to show you this video of maryland attorney general and gubernatorial candidate doug gansler at a beach party in delaware where there appeared to be some underage drinking. gansler says he was there briefly to
, the mystic and foreign. we work closely with the state usaid, defense department, with the government of iraq, and many others in order to prevent, and resolve violent conflict. i would like to recognize some of the folks here today. of course, prime minister maladie, thank you for returning to the institute. have the minister of foreign defense the minister of advisor,ional security and both members of the council of representatives. the ambassador to the united chief staff to the prime minister, the chief media adviser in the office of the prime minister, head of counterterrorism bureau, deputy chief of mission for the embassy and the military general who is the attachÉ for the embassy of iraq. today, formers secretary of state and the first woman secretary of state for the united states, madeleine albright great i am listing her team,t of the usip which includes steve hadley, jeremy rads, kristin lord, our executive vice president. i would like to recognize a couple of special state ambassadorguest, jones, the assistant secretary of state for near east affairs, the u.s. ambassador to iraq
a drilling today. president obama got out of town. he just gave a spirited defense of his health care law this boston where former rival mitt romney signed a very similar and successful massachusetts law less than a decade ago. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash is standing by on capitol hill, but let's begin our coverage with our chief white house correspondent jim acosta. the president said he's responsible for obama care's flaws, but he also said that romney care also had a slow start. >> reporter: that's right. as you said, the president traveled up to boston to make those comparisons between his health care plan and mitt romney's health care plan. he was talking about the bumpy rollout. there were some bumps, but not as many in romney care. but there was another mission for the president today and that was to do some damage control acknowledging some of the website problems that have plagued obama care in recent weeks and he made mention of that pretty early on in his remarks. >> there is no denying it, right now the website is too slow, too many people have gotten stuck
to be and criminal defense attorney mark geragos. what is the significance of what the federal government did today? >> it's a new set of eyes and you'll have fbi agents looking at the available evidence, perhaps forensic scientists looking at what they can look at but the problem is it's been almost a year since kendrick died sbl and the evidence collected already has been collected and the evidence that's not been collected is not. >> there is no way of undoing that and going back to the gym and getting the sneakers and testing the blood on the wall. they will do their best but i don't think anyone should get their hopes up there is going to be a dramatic break in the case. given the fact so much time has passed. >> mark, the u.s. attorney said himself that federal jurisdiction is limited. what exactly does that mean? >> well, it's limited in the sense they don't have -- you're not going to bring a traditional murder case. you may have the violation of someone's rights, things like that and it's one of the few times that i actually agree with toobin. this is a hard case to have somebody revisit a
to be fired while players and parents are rushing to their defense. halloween brings out costumes. >> it does. >> let's back it up. tell us more about where the coaches were and what happened. >> last week we were talking about the university of colorado dean who was putting out these letters to students. one of the things they were telling them is to not dress up in black face. these coaches did dress up like the jamaican bobsled team on halloween, putting this picture up on facebook with the caption cool runnings. the fallout begins. there was a parent who saw the picture on facebook, thought it was offensive and called the xal. now t now the coaches are under investigation. they did apologize to their team but they are still being investigated by the school. >> there's been mixed reaction. some understandably upset. they're not setting a good example for anybody. some of the players who have spoken out, defending them. >> there are both black and white people coming to their defense and saying what's offensive about this? we really don't see the big deal. they were dressing up like this fo
psychologist wendy walsh and criminal defense attorney holly hughes. okay. wendy, we're going to start with you. this study says that we get tired near the end of the day and we lose some of the capacity for self-control. so, we lie more. >> well, the study -- well, the study doesn't actually talk about why this happens as much as it clearly does. and believe it or not, the people who are most moral in the morning, i like to think well rested, fresh brain, the higher parts of our personality are functioning, those people took the bigger dive in the afternoon. so they showed people the green dots on a right or left screen and they asked them to estimate which were more dots, it was pretty obvious, but they only paid them if they choose the right side of the screen, which meant they could only make money at a certain point if they started to lie. if they were tested in the afternoon, they didn't do so well. >> oh, man, this segment could go on. i'm telling you the truth here. so, holly, you work in a courtroom, right? as a courtroom attorney dealing with people on the stand. do you think witnesse
and i suspect -- i'd also say in defense of christie, if your state gets hit by something like sandy. you love the person that helps you. the idea he was calculating carefully, i think he was emotionally engaged in what happened to the jersey shore and genuinely grateful and to not have a spirit of understanding that is petty. >> it's surprising that someone decided to dump this vetting file. >> that connections -- >> it has all kinds of -- and he should defend himself. it has all kinds of allegations and kind of a horrible thing and people put their trust in the vetters and for someone a year late tore leak it is a horrible thing to do but will create opponents for chris christie, i think it's damaging to chris christie this happened and unfortunate someone hated him so much to do something -- >> what i read of it so far really says more about romney than christie. romney had a narrow perspective someone running with him should look like, almost getting into the detroit athletic club, whether christie could qualify. >> there was a clubbing feel. -- a clubby feel to it in the way the
of america possibly getting an eagle scout. former defense secretary to be its new leader. >> and blurred lines stevie wonder told him don't do it but the family of d.c.'s marvin gaye is still going to file suit against robin thicke. >> don't forget we are always on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. the wusa9 app is obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] available at these fine retailers and >>> howard is here. thank goodness after his little accident this morning. left a bump on his head poor baby but not mess up the rein. he's here to tell you about the forecast. >> i'm going to be checked out la
, this is a big deal, we thought we worked out a compromise, nsa threw a couple defensive tools into the blackberry. now he uses his blackberry. let me give you the backdrop to that story, joe, mika. the most powerful man on earth, the most powerful man in the most powerful nation on earth was just told that his communications were susceptible to intercept by dozens of foreign embassies inside his own national capitol. we didn't render garments. we didn't protest. we realized. that's the way things are. >> you aren't shocked by angela merkel's phone being monitored? >> no. >> is this like the new tie tony blair was going to we're before he left his house? >> general can i ask you a question, is it surprising to you, does it raise questions when the president of the united states says he wasn't aware after this kind of under surveillance and monitoring was under way? should the president know or not know? what is your impression of that? >> i am kind of in the same place that senator colins was. you would have thought he would have known. on the other hand, i can imagine circumst
and nsa spying story. all of it coming by leaks by the former u.s. defense contractor edward snowden. tonight's revelations involve very big names in the internet and e-mail world. now big companies are calling for new privacy laws to stop u.s. intelligence agencies from breaking into their data overseas. for more on all of it we turn to our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell in our d.c. newsroom tonight. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the tech companies worry they are losing an arm's race with the nsa which nbc news confirms has been hacking into google and yahoo data centers around the world as fast as the company has put up firewalls. vacuuming up e-mail and phone records. google and yahoo data centers in all corners of the globe reach targets by data collection by nsa and british intelligence. as first reported in the "washington post" they found more documents leaked by edward snowden, hundreds of thousands of e-mails, search queries and other activity collected, decoded and filtered and possible intelligence targets transmitted to the n
it syndrome? >> well, clearly the iraqis have to take care of their own defense. the united states has made an incredible investment in helping the people of iraq. they have to take responsibility for the defense of their own country. there is a role that the united states can play, but it's not going to be a military role. >> all right, senator. what about your position on the finance committee? i want to ask you about the impact of the food stamp cutbacks. one estimate indicates every dollar in food stamps leads to $1.70 in economic activity. aside from the obvious impact to the recipients, could cutting food stamps actually slow the economy? >> absolutely. this hurts our economy. we've already seen some self-inflicted wounds with the government shutdown and threatening our national credit. now with the food stamp program, recipients receiving less funds and even threatened further cuts, that hurts our economy. and it hurts people. it hurts people that are very vulnerable. the nutrition is critically important. it's important for young people. it's important for their ability to learn, fo
for their protection. macneill's defense team says they're ready for them. >> every witness that we have in this case we obviously are prepared for. >> reporter: thursday the prosecution addressed its biggest hurdle, cause of death, while they believe the doctor killed his wife, 50-year-old michelle mcneil, by drowning her in a bathtub after giving her a toxic combination of drugs, none of the three medical examiner reports ruled her death a some side. >> i did not feel that i could reach a conclusion of homicide. >> reporter: utah chief medical examiner dr. todd gray says michelle's cause of death was likely a combination of heart problems and drugs but thinks that the drug levels found in michelle macneill's body were too low to suggest an intentional overdose, but he did testify that it's technically possible that the prosecution's theory is correct. >> if you were to learn that the defendant here had told somebody or others that he had drugged up michelle macneill, would that scenario be consistent with how michelle macneill may have died here? >> yes, certainly it's possible. >> reporter: in add
, we can't afford the basic things in government that we need, like a decent national defense or expenditures on science and technology. the chinese seem to have a better space program than we do these days. >> you mention defense. we've got a graphic that shows how defense spending as a percentage of the tkpwopd has gone -- as a percent of the g.d.p. has gone down. in 2012 it was 12.3%. fast forward to the 2016 estimate and it looks like just 3.1%. what's the matter with spending less on our national defense, professor? >> let's look at what's happening in the middle east and asia. in the middle east we've abandoned egypt, for example, narrowing our focus. they justify this by saying we're shifting resources to asia. look at what has shifted to asia. not that much. now the japanese, the prime minister is saying that japan has to rearm to protect itself from china because they understand that just as the president abandoned morsi to the mob in the streets, when it really counts on those islands, the americans might not have the punch to do what's needed and they're going to ha
before? >> there is no defense to that. i would never defend him on that. that's so ridiculous and frustrating because again, this was his great signature achievement. >> why didn't he know a month before when all these warning signs apparently were there that it wasn't ready. >> right. >> it was failing. is it really credible that the president's whose legacy may be based on this didn't know anything about it being problematic. >> i thought he was the detail guy and as michael moore said on my show on friday night, you know, young people, the ones trying to sign up, this is a glitch in the world they live in. >> this is grand dad not knowing how to use -- >> well, if i use the clicker will i get coverage? so it's just -- this is just no way to excuse this or to say it's a good thing but again, we'll see where we are in a month. >> let's play a clip. this is what eric cantor had to say. >> the president knew these letters were coming and you could keep your health care plan if you like it but that raises serious questions about the sales job of obama care and that's why we're a
of domestic violence, florida's "stand your ground" law and self-defense. marissa alexander claims she was trying to scare after hur husband when she fired a sickle shot into the wall. >> i believed when he threatened to kill me, that's what he was going to do. >> reporter: now she's getting a a second chance to prove it. she said she was in the bathtub when her husband came after her. >> he managed to get the door open. he strangled me, put his hands around my neck. >> reporter: she managed to get away, grab her gun, and fired. before her first trial, florida attorneys tried to use the florida "stand your ground" law arguing she was immune from prosecution because she feared for her life. >> had i not discharged my weapon at that point, i would not be here. >> reporter: the court denied her claim. it then took a florida jury just 12 minutes to convict her of aggravated assault. she was sentenced to 22 years in prison. it called for a new trial. free marissa campaigns sprung up. this is an example of how domestic violence is often viewed. >> so much of the time when it comes to domesti
. it's an untruth. >> that's right. the best defense we hear now is yeah, but if he had told the truth they never would have passed it. he's doing it for their own good. you idiots we know what is best for you. you wouldn't belief us but we know, we went to harvard. >> at what point, though, does if obama care, if they get the technology right, which they may do in the next few months gets big take up and even out the edges and begins to apparently work well. at what point does the republicans repeated actually fly against the national interest? >> i think it will not work. i mean -- >> hypothetically if it does. >> it can't. it can't. everything republicans said about it is coming true and forbes had a thing today, it will be on later. they can say the health plans they are forcing you into are much better, come on. do two gay guys need maternity care and prenatal care and maternity leave? no. all these things are required by insurance now. 94 million, that's what the white house predicted would be thrown off insurance plans they liked and picked for and what we saw fro
help chris brown's defense against an alleged assault on a man right here in washington, d.c.? we'll have details. >>> major announcement from the faa about rules for portable electronic devices. find out what it means for you. . >>> this is welcome news for air travelers who, for the first time, will soon be able to use most portable electronics devices throughout their entire flight cnn's chris lawrence is joining us from reagan national airport outside washington, d.c., with this much anticipated announcement from the faa. what are they telling us? >> reporter: you know, wolf, if you've ever been in the middle of a great novel on your kindle and told to shut it down while the guy next to you continues to thumb thus his 600-page hardcover, this is a game changer. basically from now on, once each airline sort of verifies with the faa their planes are okay and they're not going to get any interference, you will be able to play games on your iphone. you'll be able to read your novel on your kindle, you'd be able to go through business files reports, watch a movie on ipad, all durin
years. this question was most clearly brought out with the preemptive doctrine of defense. it has been debated ever since. i do not think we have sorted it out. we have not come up with a clear answer to that question. what happens now is case-by- case, we evaluate whether these things violate some sort of sovereign principle. there is a moral discussion and there is a practical discussion, keeping america safe. these things mixed together in a way that is not quite as clear as the constitutional and personal debate in the united states. >> i would need some help in you framing the question to understand how you would want me to address it on the domestic front. >> any of the cartels that operate along the lines of communication in texas. a 45 minute running gun battle in downtown nuevo laredo included hand grenades and automatic weapons. that type of information. we are connecting the dots. data and information are intelligence. we are putting intelligence and security in the lead in terms of what is now the right to protect. the debate here is security over in my mind, we have bridge
it or not and and put his enemies on the defensive. >> thanks dwep. again. >>> bernard kerrick's went to president bush's nominee for head of homeland security. he wound up pleading guilty to tax evasion. in line to the white house. spending three years in a federal minimum security prison. earlier this week, he spoke to matt lauer days after being relieved from house arrest. he opened up about what he realized about life behind bars and his new mission now that he's out. >> bernie, you spent six years of your life running that jail over our shoulder there which is one of the biggest and most notorious jails in the country. when you look back at that place now, does your perspective change? >> yeah, it changes. when i ran that system, i focused on the day-to-day operations of care, custody, and control. what i realized today is, especially in the federal prison system, that's not necessarily the focus. >> reporter: despite a long and impressive resume in law enforcement, kerik says only a few months after behind bars himself that he realized that criminal justice system was broken. >> these young men,
. but the clipper took advantage of sloppy defense griffin on the finishing end. chris paul had 42 points. and the warriors go down 126- 115 to the clippers. pete every senior the birdie on 12 a one-shot lead after an 8- under of 3. kenny perry or bernard lager can win the prize. >>> 49 sack leader aldon smith is back on the 49ers 53-man roster and will likely play in the first game after the break following a five-game absence. smith left rehab facility two days ago and then was activated off the nonfootball injury list yesterday. the 49ers face the panthers on november 10. >>> not a costume it's hulk hogan and he saw one of the greatest finishes in nfl history between the bengals and dolphins in overtime. cameron wake sacked andy dalton for a walkoff safety just the third time that has ever happened. miami surprises cincinnati last night. that's it, everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. >>> thank you, dennis. we are going to show you a little more of the thursday night football game for your play of the day. miami's brent grimes watching him intercept the pass by cinci
of the week apart of new defense starting to asert recently. his nickname is squirrel heead! >> gary: lighting up thinks life than liven up things! >>yes mix it up some. >> gary: people expect something from you when you are from money. >> gary: does vicki ever joked brown with you on the weekend? >> spirit we have great times on the weekend. >> gary: spells out curried little blurry little brother will play for the minor league team in santa cruz. he tried to make the bid club but it did not work. he has a nice man with his big brother but he will have to show that he is in b eight caliber. nba caliber >> gary: catherine are you ready for this? 24.6 million and he paid 55% imc ome tax >> catherine: why is it 55 percent? >> gary: because he wanted it all one lump sum >> gary: capra said the nine get political with me. >> gary: kathryn says do not get political with me. >> i feel really sorry for him. (laughter) >> gary: threw his career in boston and after in the '50s and '60s with the racism stories about the city of boston russell left on bad terms. today derrick it is brussel a statue unvei
seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. ♪ >>> all right. some foreign researchersar published a study saying owning a gun makes you racist. before i debunk this crap, let's see why they did the study. researchers carey o'brien tells the daily news, quote, there had already been research showing blacks are more likely to be shot, so we thought there mustg be something happening between the concept of being black and some whites wanting guns. idiotic! somehow carey manages not to finish his thought. blacks are more likely to beacks shot by other blacks. over 91% of blacks are murder youer had by other blacks. even the promise is false! e-mailed gun expert john lott on the study. exp he found the racist findings were the same for both whites and nonwhites. how can that be?e this is nonsense. no wonder the researchers hid that part. finally, legal gun ownership benefits blacks more than anyone. as lott points out, poor blacks are more likely to be crimekely victims. they need guns.ti left wing effortsms to impose large fees
or defense out to dinner and foot the bill. that's more of a rite of passage. i wouldn't consider that hazing. >> the idea that he was being made to pay $15,000 for a trip to vegas he didn't go on, that wouldn't surprise you so much, nor would you necessarily think it was all that rough a thing or all that abnormal? >> well, you know, playing in the nfl, the things that i've seen, none of it really surprises me. the one thing that jumps out at me is really, the nfl isn't for everyone. there are certain people and i was one of the people, you know, i had these ideas and expectations about what the nfl would be, then once i got there, i saw that it wasn't what i thought. so for me, i see this kid very intelligent kid, you know, his parents are attorneys, he went to stanford and this these expectations about what the nfl would be, and if you look at his career, he really hasn't had as much success as he wanted to have and things have been tough, and i'm sure things got out of hand with him and richie, and now we are where we are. >> i want to play for you some sound of the miami dolphins head co
appeared elsewhere earlier. and that's always a problem. >> i just like his defense that he's against people who cast aspersions upon him. plagiarism is bad, senator paul. it's gotten a lot of people in trouble. some people close to you in the past. and it's not a good thing. if you're caught plagiarizing under your name, you're fairly aspersed, if that's a word. >> that's a new word. you didn't plagiarize that from anybody. >> no. made that up myself. for him to get high up here shows he doesn't care. he doesn't care about facts, honor, dignity, respect, integrity. this is all about turning it to his political advantage and to attack the people, you know, whether it's the media or whether it's people who are deemed to be progressives. that's what helps the tea party crowd. >> josh, jump in here. was i wrong to too prematurely suggest he's the nominee of the republican party? could this hectare him the way it did against vice president biden years ago. >> i think it does. i think it's a real problem for him. again, there is this larger issue that he doesn't -- something like this happ
this morning, the secretary of defense is calling out the nine states that refused to issue military i.d.s to sake-sex spouses of national guard members. chuck hagel told the antidefamation league, quote, this is wrong and it causes division among the ranks. >>> john kerry, now the most senior administration official, to say that in some cases nsa spying has gone too far. the secretary of state was speaking to a conference in london via video link. his comments come as youahoo! google, facebook, microsoft and aol unite against nsa spying. they all signed on to a letter urging top senate letters to reform and increase oversight of spying programs. >>> every time we see one of these drug tunnels under the u.s. and members can border, they seem to get more elaborate. this was six football fields long with an electric railroad. they seized cocaine and 17,000 pounds of pot. >>> just when you think you've seen it all, there is this. pumpkins stuffed with cocaine. police in canada say they caught a woman trying to take three pumpkins hollowed out on a plane. upon further inspection they found
, because that has to be armed. you know, the first line of defense cannot be the flight deck door. you have to be able to go -- passengers must go through hard checkpoints and shooters have to encounter hard checkpoints before they can get into the terminal. >> and to that point, it has become virtually impossible to get on a plane if you have a bomb or a gun, but then like you say it becomes the rest of the airport grounds, and that's another place where a lot of people can congregate. is it reasonable practically, financially, to protect parking lots at airports, curbsides, lobbies, ticket counters, baggage claim? at what point do you say it's just not reasonable to broaden security? >> well, you have threat levels at the large airports, chris, like l.a.x. new york's kennedy. you have large threat levels at these big city airports and airports around the world. there's been many ground attacks at airports, you know, in terminals. l.a.x. had one in 2002 at a ticket counter where a couple of people were killed. it's not new, there are ground attacks at airports. so what you have is an ever-
. they are the first-line line of defense against to these maniacs . i think it is ridiculous. --t: you mean tsa agency e tsa agents? caller: i'm not talking about 10 yards or 20 yards away. i'm talking about have somebody somewhere in the immediate facility with a weapon. airport was roaming the and nobody with a gun was anywhere to be found. as far as other procedures that could take place either from the airport loss -- airport's point of view or government's point of view, your thoughts on arming tsa agents, what are your thoughts on how to improve overall airport security? i guess you have to get them in the front door. this guy apparently walked in the front or with a weapon. if you go to a lot of places, schools or whatever, you walk through a metal to tactic. that is what we need, get them from the front as they come in the door. host: the orange county register has a graphic. with a man opened fire semi automatic weapon. this is the tsa screening area. he continued to shoot, according to a witness. tsa officer gerardo hernandez .as shot from the point where he enters into the point where he ge
is correct. the new boyscouts of perk question. 200 point question with regoing to be on permanent defense for the foreseeable future is the bleak assessment of a strategist writing in a moem memo in what major state? >> time. correct answer is california. california. 200 point question, this leader, this world loader was named this week by "forbes" magazine as the world's most powerful person. time. vladmir putin of russia. 200 point question. this current cabinet secretary received a high five from red sox center fielder jacoby. >> secretary kerry. >> john kerry is correct. dwurg world series game on wednesday. during his 2004 campaign, kerry famously mangled the name of the green bay packers home field calling it what? >> calling it? >> no penalty for guessing here. >> frigid field. >> he called it lambert field, it was actually lambeau field. brings us to the end of the round. tom at 100. martp at negative 100. however, this is the ph.d. round. this is 300 point questions here. >> i got a 200 point question. >> he's contesting the score. judge, is he right or wrong? >> right. martin yo
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